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“You Must Be A Father’s Rights Attorney?”

You must be a Father’s Rights Attorney,” a particularly nasty attorney said to me in mediation a couple of weeks ago. She said it within the context of her belief that I was being unreasonable in a negotiation. Now, I’ve never been accused of that before. I’m not actually sure what that is. I hear attorneys advertising on the radio that they represent fathers and their interest but I know for a fact, having litigated against some of these firms, that they have represented mothers as well. Though I’m not sure what a father’s rights attorney is, I do understand what a client’s rights attorney is. I represent my clients, regardless of their sex, to the fullest extent of my advocacy and the law.

Now I’m not an idiot, I understand the marketing behind father’s rights counsel. Generally speaking, even in this supposedly egalitarian society, men make more money. Thus, men have more access to ready cash and on average, men can pay the retainer fees easier than women. That is not to say that all women are running around destitute, unable to retain counsel. But the reality is that men feel more threatened by the divorce process. They see the court system as lined up against them, a view that is not all together unwarranted.

For every client and for every case that I handle in my Atlanta Family Law practice, a specific evaluation is conducted to measure the client’s desires and acceptable outcomes. At the Shapiro Law Group we strive to provide honest and fair representation for each case, regardless of sex or other issues. Bottom line, no attorney should be a “Father’s Right’s Attorney” Your client’s rights are should be your concern, end of story.

If you want to talk about your rights, call or e-mail me. i don’t care if you are a man or woman. I just want to help