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  • Divorce – Winning And Losing
    Divorce – Winning And Losing

    As an Atlanta based Divorce Attorney at least once a week I am asked by a perspective client … “What is your record? How often do you win cases like mine?” Although I have been asked this question ...

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  • Divorce- Choosing My Clients
    Divorce- Choosing My Clients

    Hello. It has been a while since I had some time to contribute to my blog. Business has been extremely strong and it has become increasingly difficult to devote the necessary time to sharing my ...

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  • Why We Get Divorced
    Why We Get Divorced

    I spend an awful lot of time contemplating divorce From a business prospective and from a sociological view, divorce occupies a great deal of my waking time. How we get together, why we split apart, ...

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  • Uncontested Divorce? Really?
    Uncontested Divorce? Really?

    “My Divorce will be very simple, we are not fighting about anything.” This is the beginning of the vast majority of the inquiries an uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, after asking a few questions of ...

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  • Child Support Modifications On The Rise
    Child Support Modifications On The Rise

    As a Divorce Lawyer in Metropolitan Atlanta, what once appeared as an unusual event, people forgoing divorce due to economic conditions, is now becoming more common. Certainly, couples willingness to ...

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  • Atlanta Divorce Rate And The Economy
    Atlanta Divorce Rate And The Economy

    More and more we are hearing about how the crumbling economy is effecting people’s choice, or even ability, to proceed with divorce . A recent example in the local Atlanta media follows: Economic ...

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