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Uncontested Divorce? Really?

“My Divorce will be very simple, we are not fighting about anything.” This is the beginning of the vast majority of the inquiries an uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, after asking a few questions of the prospective client, I usually tell them, “My friend, you have just not found out what you are fighting about yet.” The reality is, no one wants to pay a lawyer by the hour to handle their divorce. Needless to say, I have yet to understand why people have a reluctance to pay me and my fellow members of the bar. 😉 Seriously though, when I begin questioning them with specificity on issues of child support, custody, division of assets and liabilities, it often dawns on them that what appeared as an open and shut matter, is now more complicated. Unfortunately, a professional hazard of a Divorce Attorney in Atlanta, or any other jurisdiction, is that we get to focus on the worst case scenarios. What can go wrong, often does, and proper planning and, yes, the spending of precious financial resources is usually necessary to avoid major problems going forward.

Bottom line, when an uncontested divorce is possible, we try to achieve it. However, when the facts presented do not lend themselves to a quick and relatively painless process, we prepare the client for the eventualities of the Divorce process; while keeping our eye on the bottom line financial reality of the individual client.

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