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How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

Divorce is generally not an easy experience for anyone to go through, but for spouses who have children, it can be an even more emotional experience. Telling your children about your divorce and the impending changes that will come with it can be a tough talk to have, but how you and your spouse handle this discussion can play a major part in how your children cope with it now and in the future.

Below is a list of some tips that can help you navigate this important and delicate conversation with your children:

  • You might not be on the best terms with your spouse, but if possible, you should have this discussion with your children together. This will help show them that, though you will no longer be a couple, you will still be their parents.
  • Have this talk in a quiet space and at a time when nothing else will need to be done afterward. For example, the start of a weekend would be ideal since your children will have time to mull it over. As the weekend progresses, they might have follow-up questions or want to talk about their feelings, and a weekend provides the perfect opportunity for them to do so. Under no circumstances should you try to have this talk right before you drop your kids off at school or before bedtime.
  • Tell your kids’ teachers the day before you tell your kids to prepare them for any potential acting up they might do at school in the aftermath. However, ask that they do not bring up the divorce to your children unless your children bring it up first. You are only giving this information to them, so that they can extend some compassion and understanding to your children if they appear to be having a hard time.
  • There are a few key messages you need to emphasize during this conversation. Let them know that this was an adult decision that you both made after trying to make it work. They had no control over it and could not have changed the outcome. It is also important not to put the blame on anyone during this talk. Pointing fingers will only make your children feel as though they must choose sides, which will only stress them out. Let them feel free to continue to love both of you equally. Lastly, make sure they understand that you will always be a family and that you will both still love them as much as you ever did.
  • If you have some details of a plan in place already, share it with them. For example, if one of you is moving out, tell them when and where and how often they will be able to visit. You might not have some of these details yet, but try to provide what you can, so they feel less uncertain of the future. However, never make a promise you cannot keep.
  • While the first discussion you have with them will be the most crucial, there will be many follow-ups. You can give them more details that are important for them to know, such as whether or not they will be switching schools or moving to a new area. More than anything, make sure they understand that everything will be okay in the end. Yes, this is a difficult time and they are likely very sad that their parents are getting divorced, but you are still a family and they are still your priority.

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