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Sharing Your Children During the Holidays

The holidays are going to be here before you know it and, if you fail to plan ahead, you could run into some hiccups during what is often already a hectic time. Sharing time with the kids can be difficult for divorced parents, especially during a time of year that is all about family and celebration. However, there are ways to get through this.

Below is a list of some tips that can help you handle custody matters throughout the holiday season:

  • Plan ahead of time: It might seem early, but you and your ex-spouse need to talk about holiday visitation now since trying to get a judge to listen to your dispute in the midst of the holidays will be difficult. If you suspect that you might have to go to court to have a judge make a decision regarding holiday visitation, hire an attorney immediately to get the ball rolling now. The earlier you address this matter, the less stress you will have to deal with once the holidays begin.
  • Create a holiday plan: The holiday plan you create now can probably work for years to come, unless circumstances change. Some alternate holidays every other year, so if your kids spend Thanksgiving with you this year, they will spend it with their other parent next year. Once you and your spouse are able to agree on a plan, it is less likely to be an issue in the future.
  • Be flexible and willing to compromise: Try to consider your work schedule and whether or not it is likely you will be able to travel. If you know you are going to work during the holidays, having the children so they can sit at home on their own during Christmas is not a great idea. If you plan on traveling out of town with the children, let your ex-spouse know and make sure you have his or her permission. Ultimately, this will go a lot more smoothly if you are both willing to make compromises and adjust the visitation schedule, so try to be flexible and patient. You might even end up starting some new traditions.
  • Ask your kids: Before you and your ex-spouse get ahead of yourselves, find out what is important to your children. This is more than just about what you want or what your ex-spouse wants. Is there a special holiday gathering that has special meaning for them? Or a particular activity that would make them happy? If their desires are reasonable, try to accommodate them.
  • Choose your battles: Chances are that some holidays mean more to you than others, so do not fight for all of them just for the sake of fighting, especially if it is a holiday you do not particularly care about. There is nothing to gain from keeping your children from spending time with their other parent.
  • Take a breath: The holidays are stressful for most, even without having to deal with custody or visitation issues, so always remember to take a moment to relax and take a breath. Enjoy the company of your friends and family and try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed.

Child Custody Attorney in Atlanta

If you and your ex-spouse need to work out a custody or visitation plan for the holidays, seek legal assistance to ensure everything goes smoothly and efficiently. The holidays can be a hectic time, so it is best not to hold off on this. At the Shapiro Law Group in Atlanta, our attorney is ready to assist you with any child custody matter you might have to ensure you have the best chance at pursuing your legal goals.

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