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The Shapiro Law Group specializes in representing clients needing a divorce attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. As your Atlanta divorce attorney, our purpose is to help you understand the divorce process, provide an appropriate level of aggressiveness to protect your interests, and get you through the divorce process as efficiently as possible.

A Fair & Ethical Approach to Divorce Proceedings

We certainly want the best outcome for our clients and this includes trying to keep your costs for divorce as low as possible. Our strategic approach considers how to get you through the divorce process as quickly as possible without unreasonably compromising what you should receive or agreeing to something that will be a long-term burden.

Our Atlanta divorce lawyers can help you with the following:

We offer free consultations to help you understand your situation, your options and ease your fears which are so common when filing for divorce in Georgia. There is something that is very liberating when you know that you have a good divorce attorney that will fight your battles and protect you from the aggressive legal counsel of your former spouse. We’re here to help you and protect you.

To schedule a free consultation with a divorce attorney in Atlanta, please call our law firm at (678) 929-1124, or contact us online.

Divorce Laws In Georgia

Divorce laws in Georgia allow for a “No Fault Divorce” and a “Fault Divorce”. We can advise you on what is most appropriate for your situation. In order to file for divorce in Georgia, you must meet residency requirements, meaning you must be a person who has been residing in Georgia for at least six months before filing for divorce, and you must file in the county in which you live.

Filing for Divorce in Georgia

A divorce in Georgia begins when a Petition for Divorce is filed in the superior court. Your spouse is then served with the divorce papers and has a set time to file a response. If the divorce petition is uncontested the court can grant the divorce 31 days after the papers have been served. If the divorce petition becomes contested the divorce could take months to go to court, and longer to be final if your spouse delays signing the Settlement.

Types of Divorce Filings

Georgia law provides for a “no-fault” divorce on the grounds that the marriage is “irretrievably broken,” and provides for a contested divorce if one spouse does not agree to the divorce petition. A divorce may be handled through mediation if both parties can discuss their differences. In cases where the differences are extreme, and emotions are running at peak level, a jury trial may be necessary.

Residency and Grounds for Divorce

To file for divorce in Georgia, one or both spouses must be a current resident in Georgia having lived in Georgia for at least six months. An uncontested divorce can be filed on only grounds that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Contested divorces in Georgia require one or more of the defined 12 fault grounds for divorce which includes adultery, desertion, and more.

Costs for Divorce

The cost for divorce in Georgia varies greatly. There are several components to the cost of a divorce including the obvious legal fees for your divorce attorney, filing fees, and perhaps costs for private investigators, parenting courses, counseling and similar services. Attorneys that advertise divorces for a cheap price are usually speaking of only the filing fee. Our Atlanta divorce attorneys offer a free consultation and estimates.

Divorce for Women

Divorce for a woman is typically somewhat different than the divorce experience for a man. Quite often women are facing a significant drop in household income, may be working through infidelity issues, and have safety concerns that need to be addressed with a restraining order or temporary protective order (TPO). We can help with this and more.

Divorce for Moms

Divorce for a mother is a very stressful event. Aside from the concerns mentioned above, there are the very real concerns about child support to raise and care for children, concerns about custody battles, dealing with the “head games” of an agitated spouse, and generally trying to maintain control over a chaotic situation. We can help restore control to your life.

Divorce for Men

Many men going through a divorce are worried about the possibility that their income will be assigned to their spouse at a rate which leaves them little on which to live, or that they will become an insignificant part of their children’s lives. Other concerns may be about temporary orders for accessing their home, or protecting possessions not under their control. After hearing out your concerns, we can help you devise a strategy that protects what is most important to you.

Divorce for Dads

Divorce for a father is stressful and frightening. Aside from the concerns mentioned above, there may be concerns about having access to your children, problems dealing with a spouse who “trashes you” to your children, concerns about a spouse who is partying with her friends, and/or exhibiting behaviors in front of your children that are far less than wholesome. We will fight for you.

It doesn’t cost anything to discuss your case with an experienced Atlanta divorce lawyer. Call (678) 929-1124 today.

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