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Getting into a custody battle with the other parent of your child is upsetting under any circumstances. Whether you are getting a divorce or they are seeking custody rights against your will, retaining legal counsel is in your best interest. Regardless of the exact circumstances that you are dealing with, our experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta family law attorney at Shapiro Law Group is here to protect your rights as a parent. We want to ensure you have the chance to pursue your legal goals without unnecessary complication.

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Legal Custody vs Physical Custody

There are two main types of custody in the eyes of the law: physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to with which parent the children will live with and take care of the day-to-day living arrangements. Legal custody refers to the parent who will be in charge of handling legal decisions about the children.

A few examples of decisions that will be made by the legal custodian include:

  • Decisions about education
  • Health care options
  • Decisions about religion

What Does "Best Interests of the Child" Mean?

You might be familiar with the legal term "best interests of the child," which essentially means that decisions will be made based on what the child needs and what will benefit the child most. Circumstances will be often be based on the parent's fitness to care for the child. This might include whether or not the parent has a source of income, has had a history of substance abuse, as well as emotional or physical abuse. Decisions will also be based on the child's wishes as well. Many other factors will also be considered as to what would benefit your child most, so be sure to talk with your Atlanta child custody lawyer to walk you through the process.

Fighting for Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are tied closely in with custody rights and are typically decided by the judge. In most cases, the judge in family court will make a decision based on the parent who they have awarded sole custody to. In the past, mothers have typically received more advantages during the process. However, remember that the courts will determine the outcome based on how much the child will benefit from staying with the mother particularly if joint or shared custody might be more favorable. The parent who does not have sole custody will typically get visitation rights, depending on a wide range of factors. It is important that you have legal counsel to gather evidence and build a strong case for you as a parent to be presented to the judge.

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