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One aspect that many people do not talk about regarding the divorce process is enforcement and contempt. When one party of a divorce order refuses to adhere to the ruling or is strictly non-compliant, the courts take it very seriously. This is especially true of judges, who have gone to great lengths to create what they feel is a fair ruling and take offense when one party does not comply. If you have been accused of non-compliance or wish to enforce your court order, Shapiro Law Group is here to represent you.

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Enforcing Divorce Court Orders in Atlanta

When you get a divorce or go through family court, you expect that the other party will comply with no problems. Unfortunately, as you may know, this is often not the case. Whether it may be an ex-spouse not paying spousal support or the other parent of your child not following the terms of your custody order, we can help. We can represent you as you take any type of enforcement action.

We can help with enforcement in regards to:

Depending on the circumstances of your situation, enforcement actions can vary. The judge will decide what is appropriate based on the evidence and these tactics may include bank levies, license suspension, or taking from disability or unemployment benefits.

Are You Facing Contempt Charges?

Charges of contempt of court can result from failing to comply with a wide range of different actions during the divorce process and even after the divorce is complete. Many times, individuals find themselves facing contempt charges as a result of non-compliance with divorce orders. If you are in contempt of court, our Atlanta contempt lawyer can help work with you to minimize serious legal consequences.

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